Chua Shi Qi, Graduated from
Meridian Junior College Nov 2018

Mr Pan is a competent, friendly tutor that takes private tuition to another level. The notes provided allows for easy understanding of complex topics while the flashcards solidified my foundations in the topic.

His easy demeanor put me at ease from the first lesson and his flexibility in allowing me to customise my lessons allowed me to learn according to my needs.

I definitely saw a vast improvement in my physics, going from a U in my first physics test to an A in my second, after taking Mr Pan’s lessons. Whilst there were bumps along the way, the main aim of achieving an A at the ‘A’ levels was attained, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mr Pan. So, thank you Mr Pan!

Malcolm Tan, Graduated from
ACS (Baker Road) Nov 2018


Mr Pan has is a dedicated teacher who has helped me improve my grades drastically. His lessons allowed me to go from a disappointing B4 during my secondary two examinations to an A2 during my 'O' Level exams.

Making use of flash cards and other techniques to allow students to remember facts and develop an understanding of topics, Mr Pan's lessons are sure to be effective to all students alike.

Tee Tze Han, Graduated from
Beatty Secondary School Nov 2017


Mr Pan is a very effective tutor. He explains concepts very clearly and his notes are clearly written, enabling me to understand topics with ease. He is also well-equipped for lessons, bringing things such as flash cards to help me remember facts.

He has made it possible for me to jump from a C6 in Physics to B3 in a few months. He has strengthened my weak foundation in Physics in a short period of time. Moreover, he has given me confidence to study for Physics and even other subjects. He may be a little strict at times, but it is what makes him an effective teacher.

Clive Ching, iGCSE 2016
St. Joseph's Institution International School

Mr Pan is an extremely patient teacher who is able to teach the important concepts that are needed in the different aspects of Physics. His lessons are well-organised with his personal notes and linking of different ideas from various topics which keeps the lesson fun and interesting every time!

He has played a key role in helping me build my foundation in Physics especially in the first few topics which are extremely crucial to the whole Physics syllabus. These were the topics I struggled with and caused me to give up on Physics until I met him. It lit a spark in my learning of Physics.

With his lessons, I have jumped from a 35% in Physics to a 92% with consistent A stars during my whole year in Grade 10 (Sec 4). Thank you Mr pan for helping me through for the last 2 years and in my iGCSE!

Tan Minqi, Graduated from
Serangoon Junior College Nov 2016

Mr Pan is a very approachable, patient and passionate tutor. His lessons are clear and concise, making it easy for me to understand and grasp important concepts.  He provides me with his own notes as well as a flashcard that is extremely useful for revision, especially when exams are round the corner.

He also prioritises exposure to important concepts that are crucial for the A levels. This gave me an edge when I encountered similar questions during A levels and allowed me to tackle them with confidence. Nearing the A levels, he would ensure that he covers challenging past year questions and focus more on revising the important concepts which adequately prepared me for the A Levels.

With his patience and guidance over the years, my grades improved tremendously and it wouldn’t have been possible without his help! I am thankful that I had a tutor like him!

Ashley Yim, iGCSE 2016
St. Joseph's Institution International School

Mr Pan is a very patient and engaging teacher that never fails to to keep lessons fun and interesting. Lessons with Mr Pan have undoubtedly built my confidence of getting good grades in physics. Concepts that were once a blur are now crystal clear.

Mr Pan has helped me improve my physics results greatly from a low 50% to a high 92% (A*) for my final iGCSE. I never would have thought of getting such good results for Physics, and I would not have come close without Mr Pan. Learning with Mr Pan has benefitted me not only as a student, but as a person.

Thank you Mr Pan for being one of the best teachers I've ever come across!

Lim Yan Xin, Graduated from
Catholic Junior College Nov 2016

Mr Pan is a really dedicated tutor who gives in his all to help each and every student in anyway he can. Through his personalised notes and concise Flashcards, I could understand the concepts behind the subject much clearer.

Previously, physics to me was just memorise and write and my results showed my disinterest, but with Mr Pan's tutoring, I gained a lot more interest in the subject having understood it better. Not only is he an effective tutor, he is also one who is emphatic, allowing me to shift my lessons around when I was unwell and getting me memory pills to help me with my memory.

A levels may have ended but the important lessons I have learnt from Mr Pan will stay with me for a very long time!

Zhou Yusong, Graduated from
Tampines Junior College Nov 2016

I was first introduced to Mr Pan by my JC classmate who was also under him as I was struggling with Physics during my Mid-years in JC 2. With A levels in 2 months time, I was urgently looking for help.

In just our first lesson together, I learnt and understood Physics concepts so much better. Mr Pan is always engaging and meticulous in his teachings. At the same time, he is also a responsible tutor who ensures that I revise my work consistently.  He provided a small notebook which I would write down all the key points and important notes required for A levels.

In addition, he would also mark my completed 10 year series papers and go through the difficult and common questions in detail. After just a few weeks of lessons under Mr Pan, I achieved a C for my Preliminary exam, an improvement from a U in the previous exam.

I am happy with the result and it proved the effectiveness and professionalism of Mr Pan as a tutor.  I am positive that Mr Pan will be able to bring success in Physics to more students in the future.

Annabelle Lim.jpg

Annabelle Lim, Graduated from Catholic Junior College Nov 2015

Mr Pan has always been an engaging tutor that has made me enjoy the subject very much! Ever since I had Mr Pan as a tutor in Secondary 3, my understanding of the subject has grown from a superficial level to a subject that I understood the fundamental concepts and theories about. Revision has always been very meticulous, based closely on the syllabus, and this helped me to focus my thoughts when attempting questions.

Through the summarized definition sheets and flash cards that Mr Pan has made, I am able to revise for exams efficiently, learning through a style that benefits me best. With Mr Pan’s keen eye for detail, I have attained an A1 in Physics in the GCE-O Levels and A H2 Physics in the A levels. Thanks Mr Pan!

Trevor Tan with Mr Pan

Trevor Tan, Graduated from Temasek Junior College Nov 2015

During Secondary 3, I repeatedly scored a meagre E8 repeatedly for Pure Physics during both my mid-year and end-of-year examinations. I could not keep Pure Physics as a subject unless I passed a re-exam at the end of the year. That was the first time I engaged Mr Pan as a tutor and within a few weeks, though sounding unbelievable, I scored an A2 for that re-exam. Subsequently, I was the second highest in the cohort in my secondary four prelim Pure Physics examination scoring 83%, an A1 grade and achieved a stellar A1 grade in the O levels.

From that time on, it hit me that the choice of tutor could make all the difference and that is why after moving onto the Junior College level to do my A levels, to no surprise, I engaged him as a tutor for another 2 years. I scored an A for H2 Physics but more importantly, my concepts and foundations of Physics are well grounded and has served me well as a current Physics trainee-teacher myself, all thanks to him.

Shannon 01.jpg

Shannon Yeo, Graduated from Pioneer Junior College Nov 2014

Through the use of well planned lessons which ranged from tackling the major stumbling blocks for students, Mr Pan has undoubtedly played a vital role in my education. Being able to pinpoint the weaknesses of his students and readily address their root causes, Mr Pan helped me correct the mistakes which originated from a misconception of theories and careless errors that I made unconsciously, placing a large emphasis on the very basics of the physics that go unnoticed by the untrained eye .

Through the use of personalised notes that Mr Pan created, the lesson plans are easy to follow and theories and formulas taught link seamlessly with each other. In the one year that I spent under his tutelage, I have developed not only a expanded understanding of Physics but have also picked up good habits such as thorough and meticulous checking to prevent careless errors and being able to precisely use keywords that secure my marks, both of which will continue to have many real world applications in the future aside from my education.

Avery Chua Physics Student

Avery Chua, Graduated from Nanyang Junior College Nov 2013

Mr Pan is a very dedicated tuition teacher who takes his job very seriously, not just as a source of income but to truly help those in need. Money is not the top priority for this tuition teacher. Even when he wanted to use additional material during his lesson, he did not charge me extra as he felt that the tuition fees should include the cost of the materials. There was even once where he didn't charge me the full amount for the tuition because he felt that he did not cover enough during the lesson to substantiate the fees.

Mr Pan makes his own personal notes written in a way that he feels are most helpful to students. He isn't one who would reuse those notes year after year however, and makes it a point to revise his notes whenever he feels necessary based on feedback (he's very open to them too). A very patient teacher, he is willing to repeat things multiple times in different ways when I don't get a concept, and also when I do forget the concept after some time. He has never turned down any questions I have posed him (even those out of syllabus and of a higher level) just so that he can reinforce my understanding, even if it ate into his own personal time outside of tuition. An ideal role model in the spirit of education, I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to take their Physics grade to the next level.

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