24/7 Online Consultation

Students who have questions regarding Physics, can take a picture of the question and send it to me via WhatsApp. I will create clearly labelled answers to explain in detail the concepts and the methods to solve the problems. Links to the answers will then be sent to the students.

Physics notes for ever topic

Notes for Every Topic

I provide notes for every topic which needs to be taught. These notes focus on the key concepts with all equations clearly shown for ease of use. Worked examples are present so that students can apply the concepts and extend their usage to other situations.

Physics revision flash cards

Revision Flash Cards

After studying the notes, the best way to prepare for tests and exams is to ask yourself questions. This forces students to recall knowledge and concepts similar to way that they do during exams. These flash cards contain questions based on every learning objective in the syllabus.

Physics list of definitions and formulas

Compiled List of Definitions

Having to look through all the notes to find the important definitions and formulas is a very tedious task. I have compiled a list of all the definitions and formulas to make it easier for students to prepare for tests and exams.

Past year Physics examination papers

Past Year Exam Papers

I have a collection of GCE-O Level papers dating back to 1999 and GCE-A Level papers dating back to 1997. These papers provide a wealth of insight into the way knowledge and concepts are tested. I also have the latest 2015 Prelim Exam papers. These can provide additional practice and can be more challenging than actual GCE exam papers.

Compiled Topical Physics Questions

Compiled Topical Questions

Questions from previous years school prelim papers have been sorted by topic and compiled into practice questions. These provide challenging exercises and help students to consolidate their concepts and improve their understanding of the topic at hand.

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