Pan Zheng Tao Physics Tutor Physics by Pan

Mr Pan Zheng Tao

Hi, I'm Pan Zheng Tao, students call me Mr Pan. I graduated with a honours degree in Physics from NUS and was a former MOE school teacher. I have taught Physics students from all streams and all levels. I have helped students with a wide range of ability and learning styles to improve their understanding of Physics.

While there is a commonly accepted standard way to solve any given problem, students benefit more when they are shown different methods to reach the solution. I always aim to explain different approaches from different perspectives but still link back to the fundamental concepts.

I always look for new ways to help students to better grasp concepts and their understanding of the underlying principles is always my top priority. No matter what questions the students ask, I will strive to explain. This is where a university-level understanding of Physics shines.

When you engage me as a tutor, rest assured that you have one of the most dedicated and capable specialist on the job.


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