Sec 4 O-Level tuition is filled.

Limited time slots remaining for other levels.

Please check back in Jan 2019.

Priority is given to current students who are continuing with tuition next year.

Personalised TEACHING

1-to-1 tuition provides the attention and depth which group tuition is unable to deliver. When you want to achieve proper understanding and dramatic improvement in results, you require a dedicated specialist.


More than

I explain the fundamentals and develop a lifelong interest in Physics in my students. My students show major improvements within the first few months of tuition and some top their class in Physics.


All Physics

There are no acceptance tests and no prerequisites. As long as the subject is GCE-O Level Pure Physics, GCE-A Level H1 Physics or H2 Physics, I can tutor. For other subjects, please refer to the FAQ.

Recent Consultations

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