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+ Do you offer free trial lessons?

No, but you can choose to stop tuition at any time and pay only for the sessions used. It takes at least a few lesson to build trust and rapport. It is essential to have a tutor whose style of teaching matches the student's learning style. (r=\sqrt {[x^2]+[y^2]})

+ Can I cancel tuition or request to change timings?

Yes, the sooner you inform me, the easier it is for me to accommodate your requests. However, cancellations less than 2 days in advance may result in a cancellation fee. Please refer here.

+ Can you teach GCE-N Level Science, GCE-O Level Combined Science?

Yes, I can teach the Physics portion of GCE-N Level Science and GCE-O Level Combined Science, but there may not be dedicated materials such as revision flash cards and past years exam papers. Notes for each topic will always be available. However, I do not teach the Chemistry or Biology portion of these subjects and you will need to engage a separate tutor.

+ Can you teach iGCSE Physics or IB Physics?

Yes. In terms of the knowledge content, I am confident in teaching based on the syllabus. However, there is a lack of resources such as past year papers and other school exam papers. The pace of the tuition sessions will be 1 week behind the school as I will only be able to properly prepare after looking at the notes provided by the school. As such, another tutor specialising in iGCSE or IB may better suit your needs.

+ I stay outside the areas which you serve. Is it possible to not pay the transportation fee?

It depends. If you stay outside of the areas which I serve and I take more than 1 hour to travel to the next student, I will have to charge the transportation fee. However, if it is possible for me to get to the next student on time, I will not charge the transportation fee. I reserve the right to make the final decision regarding the transportation fee.

+ Do you offer any crash courses?

Yes, but it depends on the availability of time slots. Regular students will always be my top priority, therefore crash courses will only be available during school holidays and study breaks. Crash courses can be tailored to the student's needs. Please contact me to discuss further.