Cancellation Policy

Students can cancel their tuition sessions provided that they inform me at least 2 days in advance. For example, if a student has tuition on Saturday, he has to inform me about cancelling the tuition session by Thursday.

Acceptable Cancellations

Students are only allowed to cancel or reschedule tuition less than 2 days in advance under special circumstances. These special circumstances include:

  • family emergencies.
  • the student falling sick.
  • any other circumstances deemed reasonable by me.

Cancellations with Fees Charged

If a student cancels the tuition session less than 2 days in advance, tuition fees of 1 hr will be charged. Examples of such cases include:

  • having to stay back for school activities but forgot to reschedule the tuition session.
  • deciding to cancel tuition in order to study for a test on the next day.